This is a contemporary art work, but also could be taken as a movie theater projecting the rotation of the earth, a chapel, ruins reflecting calculated solar altitude, a sundial, and an ark drifting the universe.
What significantly different from churches with stained glasses is that we see the light indirectly, not by seeing it through the stained glasses, but by seeing light patterns reflected on the wall. The core of the work is a natural phenomenon such as sunlight and the earth's rotation. This work makes it easier to see them more consciously. The concept is japanese "aesthetics of subtraction"
The title of the work is named from the earth's rotation speed of the site. Speed is a physical quantity defined by time and space, which are the two important dimensions composing the universe. The ground keeps still to our eye, but it is moving at supersonic speed when we put the earth in the center. Furthermore, thinking the sun in the center, we are moving in the universe at tremendous speed, where we cannot go back again. By changing points of view, we might be able to see things differently. This is a question brought up to our human-centered society.



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